A Guide to getting your first Dental Job!


Is your dream job becoming a dental nurse? Maybe your unsure, what the first steps you should take, to begin your career as a Dental Nurse?

Dentaide is here to assist any dental student, graduate and qualified nurse along their dental career.  Here is a step by step guide to help you land your dream job as a Dental Nurse.

  1. Getting qualified

It goes without saying that you will need to undertake the correct training and qualifications first to ensure that you have what it takes to become a dental nurse.

Dentaide is one of Melbourne’s most popular dental nursing agencies. They require you to have at least 12 months’ experience within a dental practice within Australia.

  1. Where can you work?

The most common working position is in a general dental practice where they offer private treatments to patients. Many take this opportunity to gain all their experience in one dental facility and earn their qualifications.

However, you can also work in hospitals and community dental practices.

  1. Securing the job at the Interview!

Making a good impression by standing out in the interview is what each employer is looking for. Going above and beyond being more than familiar with key terms about the dental role is what catches the employer’s attention.

People skills is an essential characteristic that most employers look for in a future candidate. Working in a dental practice many patients are nervous and anxious, your ability to ease patients and reassure them will highlight your personality and great working abilities.

Finally, the ability to multitask. Many dental practices book out daily and are frequently busy. With little time between appointments dental nurses must complete multiple duties such as working the reception and taking calls. Therefore, being productive at work and completing a list of other responsibilities is guaranteed to emphasise your skills and overall job abilities.

Dentaide is a reliable nursing agency which can give you the ultimate opportunity to work in a dental practice and begin your dream career. Please contact us if you are a dental nurse wanting to secure temporary work.