Denatide Nurse Spotlight: Stefka!

Portrait Of Dental Nurse In Dentists Surgery

Dentaide boosts a broad variety of hard working and dedicated dental nurses. Our Dentaide consultants have had the luxury of dealing with amazing dental staff, among these is Stefka Terzieva, one of Dentaide’s most loyal and hard working nurses.

Stefka was kind enough to provide some valuable feedback to us about her years of experience with Dentaide and the facilities we have referred her to.

How long have you been working with Dentaide?

Since end of 2013. Its about 3-4 years.

What made you want to do temp work?

In 2013 I became a student studying dental studies. Moving from full time employment into a full time student  put  significant financial pressure on me and my family. Having a flexible temp work was the only solution to survive financially through these  years.

How do you find the service Dentaide provides?

Exceptional! I never have been thinking of looking for another agency.

Working with Dentaide  is so easy and comfortable – they have online system where you can submit your availability for weeks ahead, you can do changes when ever you need to,  see your rosters, payslips and etc. Every thing is so transparent.  I love it!

Also when is  possible Dentaide staff will give you a shift in a practice close to where you live or where you have been before and have already established good relationship with the dentist who you work with.

Last , but not the least when I had my first contact years ago with the founders of Dentaide I was impressed with their statement that Dentaide endorses healthy and safe work environment for their dental assistants. They really do ! Even  now, when Dentaide is a part of Chandler Services  they treasure  the same values and the staff is always available to talk openly about eventual work place issues in full confidentiality.

How do you find the communication skills of Dentaide?

All  Dentaide  staff  are nice people who  treat you with respect and work hard to keep you busy!

When a job opportunity arrives and you are available they will contact you via the phone or sms to ask you if you would like to take this shift. If there is a cancellation you will be informed immediately and on the day before your shift you will receive a friendly remainder via text massage. Great organisation that works!

I order to meet the interests of their customers and  those of their employees  Dentaide  staff values your feedback and also provides you with the feedback from the dental practitioners you have been working with. 

Would you recommend Dentaide to other dental nurses and facility’s?

Absolutely!  It is a great agency to work for –  friendly staff, nice work places to work and good pay rates for the DAs! As I know higher that  their competitors.

Do you have any other feedback ?

Thank you for  all  the support for the last several years. Providing me with good  work  load during this transitional time for me was not only life saving for me and my family, but also gave me  the opportunity to meet so many nice people and great dental practitioners, who are inspiration for me as a dental professional.