These are just 10 great reasons why you should join DentAide’s team of high-performing candidates:

      1. DentAide allows you access to a variety of opportunities with a range of organisations; some of whom choose to exclusively use DentAide to source there valuable team members.
      2. DentAide can offer salary advice and help you get what you’re really worth!
      3. DentAide provide you with all the information. From a full position description, the team, working environment and longer term opportunities. Information you wouldn’t normally receive from an interview.
      4. DentAide pays wages weekly. No longer do you need to wait weeks for your hard earned money!
      5. DentAide offer temporary, contract and permanent opportunities, allowing you to choose employment to suit your situation.
      6. DentAide offer professional support and can provide you with tips to ensure your resume and interview techniques are top class.
      7. We treat OH&S with the highest importance and encourage contacting your Consultant about any OH&S issue that may arise.
      8. Any testing or assessments conducted with DentAide is provided to you. This way you can build a portfolio of results for the future.
      9. DentAide’s experienced consultants are available 24 / 7. When you need them, they are there for you.
      10. Its free to apply. So what are you waiting for?



We Listen

From years of experience, our Consultants have gained industry knowledge and understand the complexities within the recruitment process. We don’t take short cuts and our clients benefit from this. Spending most of our time listening to the needs of our clients and their requirements, we ensure the right candidate is presented to you.

Personalised Service

We at DentAide like to be treated like an individual and the same goes for our clients. We are available to take your call when you want to speak with us. We understand that sometimes this is outside business hours, and that’s why we carry our business mobiles everywhere. We tailor our service to your business; your way, not the ‘highway’. We like to be involved in your business so we can be as helpful as possible.

Timely Response

We understand that by the time you call, you may already be behind the eight ball. For this reason we are proactive in our approach and will have the right candidate ready to go. All urgent orders will be filled within 30 minutes and you will be kept up to date every step of the way.

24 / 7 / 365 approach

DentAide understands our industry and our clients’ needs. We understand that your business may not just operate during ‘normal’ business hours. For this reason all Consultants and Account Managers are contactable 24 / 7 / 365 days a year. We are here when you need us.

Onsite consultant

DentAide can provide a dedicated, on-site consultant. A thorough needs analysis will be conducted as part of this process.

Temporary to Permanent Recruitment

Our recruitment methodology is very effective and as such our clients benefit by having the highest quality candidates on site. DentAide understands that great employees are the key to a business’ success and welcome our clients to take our casuals on as permanent employees.

Temporary Guarantee

DentAide is confident in our approach the quality of candidates placed. For this reason, we will guarantee that if a candidate is deemed unsuitable and finished within the first 4 hours, we will not bill for time worked.

Industry knowledge

DentAide have unparalleled experience, contacts and knowledge of the dental industry. Almost four decades immersed in the industry has led to a leading reputation and loyal customer base – some of which have been serviced by DentAide for decades!